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Pastor's Update 

April 2023


"It is true!
The Lord is risen
and has appeared to Simon."
—Luke 24:34 

Dear Families and Friends of
Living Savior,

Someone so accurately reflected about Resurrection Day in this way: “The stone was rolled away from the door not to permit Jesus to come out, but to enable the disciples to go in.”
One of those disciples who rushed into that empty tomb was Peter.  You can only imagine the thoughts that were racing through his mind.  The deep guilt with which Peter wrestled that entire weekend must have been numbing to his emotions.  After boldly proclaiming his allegiance to his Lord, “Even if all fall away on account of you, I never will,” (Matt. 26:33) and even declaring that he would die on behalf of his Lord, Peter not only stumbled but fell flat on his face.  It was not just embarrassing.  It was shameful.  Peter’s boast was based solely on his hollow love for his Lord.
What a tense three days Peter endured.  But all his anxiety would be erased—forever.  His almighty and gracious Lord would rise from the dead.  He had conquered sin, Satan and death.  But more than that, for Peter, our Lord would personally reach out to the one who denied him—with a visit—on the very day he rose from the dead.  We know that from the account surrounding the Emmaus disciples.  When they excitedly returned with their witness to their fellow brethren gathered in the locked room in Jerusalem, they were met with the reverberating news, “It is true!  The Lord has risen and has appeared to Simon.” (Luke 24:34)
Simon Peter was forever changed by the news of his risen Lord.  The very sins with which he wrestled were forever erased.  In fact, every sin he ever committed was now paid for in full—and remembered no more.  The restlessness and emptiness Peter felt were now replaced with overflowing peace and joy from the very loving Lord whom he openly swore he never knew.  God’s love reaches out—even to Peter—even to all of us.
That’s why Easter is so very important to all of us.  Our Savior reaches out to us to assure us that our broken relationship with our Father has been restored—forever.  That’s why it’s so very important for us not just this Easter, but every day, to listen to our Lord as he personally assures us through his Word and through his Holy Supper and through his glorious gift of Baptism that our sins are forgiven and that they are remembered no more.  May this Easter bring you that peace and everlasting hope that are ours through this glorious day of his resurrection!
Peace be with you!


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