Last updated on March 19, 2020

“The salvation of the righteous comes from the LORD;
he is their stronghold in time of trouble.”
(Ps 37:39)
Isn’t it comforting to read through God’s Word at times like these?  I know it is for me and I’m certain it is for you, as well.  Despite all the uncertainty that we face in the days ahead, one thing IS certain--our Lord will be by our side.  And throughout all our anxious moments he will be our stronghold, protecting us each moment of every day as he leads us through this world’s health crisis.
I’m sure that all of you have heard by now the recommendation of our President and his team of health care advisors that no more than 10 people gather at a one time.  It is made with the safety of our nation’s citizens in mind.  And we applaud them for that.
With prayerful thoughts and much discussion, our church council made a very difficult decision not to hold public worship services through the month of March.  Our first and foremost concern is the health of our members.
In lieu of our public worship service, we are working hard on establishing an avenue where we can bring to your home setting the services electronically.  The two platforms that we are looking at are YouTube and Facebook Live.  As it is with any technology, the first few times venturing into the unknown can prove tricky.  We expect that there might be some hiccups.  We hope to keep them to a minimum.  But our hope is to bring to your doorstep the comforting message of the cross and the true, lasting hope we have in Christ our Savior.  Look for an update when we will be able to give you more concrete answers to the method(s) we choose.
We also recognize that our country’s economy is taking quite a hit.  And we are certain that each of our member households as well.  But we do want to encourage you not to forget our ongoing and future ministry needs here at Living Savior.  To that end, we suggest that you consider possibly giving your offering through the mail or electronically.  Remember, there are three convenient ways to support our ministry electronically: donating directly through our website, making use of the Give Plus app available on your smart phone or tablet, or texting your offering to us at 813-328-6486.  Finally, remember that in all we do, may it always be to the glory of our Lord!
Now, as we find ourselves in a very fluid and somewhat anxious time, may we be reminded each day to turn to our Lord for his strength and comfort.  And may we confidently find peace in the face of these present troubles in his almighty and merciful arms.
God’s blessings!
Pastor Kruschel