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Matthew 6-7

 Leader: Pastor Kruschel

Matthew 6-7 



  1. In Matthew 6:1-2, our Lord speaks about what truly motivates good works.  What is improper motivation?  What is, then, the only true motivation that produces good works?  Apply this, then, to our service in the church. 

  2. Which three areas of life does our Lord offer instruction? 

  3. What does he warn us against?  What does he tell us to do? 

  4. Why did Jesus give us the Lord’s Prayer? 

  5. Agree or disagree.  The seven petitions deal with spiritual blessings except one, which requests physical blessings. 

  6. What was Martin Luther referring to when he described the Lord’s Prayer as “the most martyred prayer on earth”? 

  7. How do we store up treasures in heaven? 

  8. What warning does Jesus give in verse 24? 
  9. How do our Savior’s words, “O you of little faith” (v. 30) show his grace and compassion? 

  10. Distinguish between the right kind of judging and the wrong kind of judging. 

  11. Jesus sent his disciples into the world to call people to repentance.  His disciples would know how to do that, however, only if they did one thing.  What was that? (vv. 3-5) 
  12. According to verse 6, how were the disciples to make sure they treated God’s message about the kingdom with respect? 

  13. How does Jesus encourage his followers as they go out into the world? (vv. 7-11) 

  14. What is the narrow gate? 

  15. False prophets will lead people through the wide gate that “leads to destruction.”  Why does Jesus call them “ferocious wolves”?  Why are false prophets often hard to recognize?  By what “fruit” are they recognized? 

  16. In verse 22, Jesus grants the fact that false teachers may “drive out demons and perform many miracles.”  What should this alert us to when we hear of great healings and spectacular spiritual accomplishments? 

  17. How do we build on the rock?


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