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Psalm 23

 Leader: Pastor Kruschel


Psalm 23 


Psalm 23 is probably the most loved and familiar of all the psalms.  It describes God’s loving care for us in words borrowed from a shepherd’s vernacular.  Remember, David once worked as a shepherd, so such terminology and thought would come from personal experience.  The meaning we glean from this psalm only becomes heightened for us as Christians, when we reflect upon our Savior’s own use of the phrase, “Good Shepherd,” as he aptly describes himself. 


Psalm 23 is has three sections.  The first (vv. 1-3) is a description of our Lord, the Good Shepherd.  The second section (vv. 4-5) is a conversation with our Lord.  While the final section (v. 6) is a confession of faith in our Good Shepherd. 



  1. What are the benefits that a shepherd would provide for his sheep? 

  2. Are the blessings described in this psalm physical benefits, which God provides for us, or spiritual benefits? 

  3. How do these “picture” phrases describe our Lord’s care for us? 

    1. “The Lord is my shepherd” 

    2. “He makes me lie down in green pastures” 

    3. “He leads me beside quiet waters” 

    4. “He restores my soul” 

  4. What does David mean by “paths of righteousness” (confer Romans 8:28)? 

  5. Sometimes the Lord leads us through dark valleys of sadness or affliction.  What enables us to make that journey with confidence? 

  6. How does the Shepherd protect us? 

  7. According to verse 5, what is the meaning that these things are done “in the presence of my enemies”? 

  8. What comfort does Psalm 23 offer as we face illness?  Loss?  Death? 


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