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2 Kings 2

 Leader: Pastor Kruschel

2 Kings 2 



  1. According to 1 Kings 19:4, who was ready for Elijah’s death? 

  2. Who is ready for it now? 

  3. How would you answer the person who asks, “Why doesn’t god take me home now?” 

  4. Can you name some of the times when men wanted to kill Jesus pre-maturely? 

  5. What future event was known not only to Elijah, but to Elisha and to the “company of prophets” as well? 

  6. Would knowing the date of our entrance into heaven fill our hearts with joy and peace? 

  7. What is the meaning of Elisha’s request? 

  8. Is that a good prayer for our called workers to pray today?  Why? 

  9. What other person was taken into heaven? 

  10. When do we next see Elijah?  How did he appear? 

  11. What is the significance of the cloak that fell from Elijah as he was taken into heaven? 

  12. How did God immediately demonstrate that Elisha would now carry on the work of Elijah? 

  13. By training his successor, Elijah saw to it that the Lord’s work would continue after his death.  What provisions might we make as a synod so that the work might continue? 

  14. What measures might we take as a congregation?  As individuals? 

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