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2 Samuel 11

 Leader: Pastor Kruschel


2 Samuel 11 



  1. According to verse one, what led to David’s sinful behavior? 

  2. Why did David really send for Uriah? 

  3. What do you think of Uriah? 

  4. Analyze David’s cover-up of his sin: 

    ·         Why did he get Uriah drunk? 

    ·         Why did he order Joab to move the battle lines? 

    ·         Why didn’t he show any emotion when told of what happened on the battlefront? 

    ·         Why did he comfort and eventually take Bathsheba as his wife? 

  5. Describe the character of: 

    ·         Bathsheba 

    ·         Joab 

    ·         The servant of David 

  6. David is described as the “man after [God’s} own heart” (1 Samuel 13:14).  What warning should this have for us? 

  7. Some people might call this an exciting love story.  What makes this a sad tragedy? 

  8. When are we especially vulnerable to Satan’s attacks? 

  9. We live in a society that places much focus on “sex appeal.”  How do we keep our children from falling into the trap of Satan and temptations against the Sixth Commandment?


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