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1 Samuel 17

 Leader: Pastor Kruschel


1 Samuel 17

  1. What was the threat that Goliath posed for

  2. What brought David to the front lines of the Israelite army? 

  3. Saul had promised wealth and honor to anyone who would defeat Goliath.  However, what prompted David to fight with Goliath? (vv. 26,36) 

  4. Of what was David’s brother, Eliab, guilty? (v. 28) 

  5. How do David’s words from Psalm 18:2 help us to understand why Goliath had a different affect on David’s fellow compatriots than he did on David? 

  6. How does one acquire the kind of faith in the Lord that David had? 

  7. What events in the past had bolstered David’s trust in the Lord? 

  8. Analyze David’s word to Goliath (45-47).  What gave David the confidence to take on Goliath’s challenge? 

  9. David said, “The battle is the Lord’s.”  Why do these words serve as a good summary of this entire story? 

  10. From Scripture and from your own lives, give examples of how God achieves his victories in unlikely ways. 

  11. Why is it important that we remember these words as we live our daily lives? 

  12. Read Ephesians 6:10-17.  What are the spiritual battles we are engaged in every day?  Explain how each weapon listed helps us in our warfare. 


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