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Joshua 6

 Leader: Pastor Kruschel

Joshua 6 



Moses led God’s people of out of slavery in , through forty years of wandering in the wilderness, to the border of Canaan , the land God had promised to the Israelites.  After Moses’ death, God commissioned Joshua to lead his people as they entered and conquered Canaan .  The first city God would give to the Israelites was the heavily fortified city of Jericho . 



  1. What striking contrasts do you vv. 1 and 2 hold?  What meaning for us do you see in this contrast? 

  2. Why do you think the Lord planned a seven day ritual before collapsing the walls of Jericho ? 

  3. Why do you think the Lord at times delays the victories he gives us? 

  4. Read Hebrews 11:30 and show the connection between ’s faith and God’s victory at Jericho . 

  5. Expand on this statement: Our faith-relationship with the Lord is far more important than his individual gifts to us. 

  6. Do you see any significance in the number “seven” in v. 4?  Do you see any significance with the long trumpet blast (v. 5), the silence of the people (.v 10) followed by their shout? 

  7. Jericho was “devoted to the Lord.”  This phrase refers to an irrevocable giving over of things to the Lord, often by totally destroying them.  How did this action serve as both judgment and protection? 

  8. The text refers to Rahab as a “prostitute.”  What does this tell us about Rahab?  About God? 

  9. How does this first victory at Jericho set the pattern for the rest of ’s occupation of the land? 

  10. What lessons have you learned from the fall of Jericho for the battles you face in life?


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