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Genesis 6 & 7

 Leader: Pastor Kruschel

Genesis 6 & 7 


  1. Why is this closing episode in Moses’ “Account of Adam’s Line” not a happy one? 

  2. What did the godly Sethites begin to do? 

  3. Who were the “daughters of men”? 

  4. Why did God wait 120 years (6:3) before sending the flood? 

  5. Was Noah’s righteousness a trait that earned God’s favor?  Or was Noah’s righteousness because of God’s favor?  (See Genesis 15:6; Hebrews 11:17.) 

  6. Why might Noah and his wife’s job of parenting have been tougher than that which any other parents had ever faced? 

  7. Find a point of comparison for the dimensions of the ark.  Why would it be more accurate to describe the ark as a barge than as a ship?  What was its single function? 

  8. A week before the flood God repeated his instructions to Noah.  Can you guess why? 

  9. In your own words, describe what happened at the time of the flood according to 7:11. 

  10. In most Lutheran circles, the flood account is treated as symbolic, as a sort of parable.  What evidence do you see—for example, in 7:6-12—which leads you to believe that this is historical narrative? 

  11. Where do you suppose the idea arose to consider the flood account a parable?  What difference is this going to make when a person reads the account of, say, Christ’s resurrection? 

  12. Was it right to wipe out so many people? 

  13. What two (and opposite) results of the flood are mentioned in 7:23?  The New Testament draws a comparison between the floodwaters and the water of baptism.  Do you remember the point of the comparison?


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