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Genesis 28

 Leader: Pastor Kruschel

Genesis 28 


Isaac, the son of Abraham, married a woman named Rebekah.  When Isaac was 60 years old, Rebekah gave birth to twin boys, Esau and Jacob.  Prior to their birth, God had promised that they younger boy, Jacob, would receive a greater blessing from the Lord and that one of Jacob’s descendants would be the Messiah, the Savior.  True to his name, however, Jacob (which means “heel-grabber” or “deceiver”), through the use of deception and lies, took matters into his own hands.  Rather than waiting for God to accomplish what he had promised, Jacob “stole” both the birthright and the blessing, which belonged to his older brother.  As a result of Jacob’s actions, Esau, the Bible says, held a grudge against Jacob (Genesis 27:41) and intended to kill him.  Jacob was forced to leave his home in Beersheba . 


  1. What made God’s appearance to Jacob, as well as the promises he made, such a remarkable demonstration of his grace? 

  2. What does it mean to you that God met Jacob unsolicited and without reproach? 

  3. Jacob was allowed to see the angels of God in service to mankind.  Why is this such a comfort? 

  4. John 1:51, Jesus said that the angels of God would ascend and descend on him also.  What would the angels do for Jesus? 

  5. In Verse 14b, God repeats the promise he had made to Isaac, Jacob’s father, and to Abraham, his grandfather.  What was this promise? 

  6. What does it mean to you that God restated his promise to this lonely fugitive? 

  7. By means of the dream, Jacob was being led to place his confidence not in himself but in loving and trustworthy Lord.  How does God lead us to place our trust in him for physical needs?  For spiritual needs? 

  8. How did Jacob respond to God’s appearance and message?  How do we respond to God’s words? 

  9. How does Jacob’s vow strike you—as bargaining with God, or as an expression of trust? 

  10. Do you think God still speaks to people through dreams?  Why is it inherently dangerous to rely on dreams for guidance (Deuteronomy 29:29; John 8:31-32)?


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