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Genesis 37

 Leader: Mr. Tom McDonough

Genesis 37 


  1. From the opening verse of the chapter, how would you describe Joseph to someone who had never met him? 

  2. Would you have wanted him for your brother? 

  3. Father Jacob must have remembered his own childhood, when parental favoritism ruined his relationship with his brother Esau.  Why would he now play favorites among his own sons? 

  4. What did the gift of the ornamented robe announce? 

  5. What did the dreams Joseph received from God say about Joseph’s future? 

  6. Why do you think God sent these dreams to Joseph at this time? 

  7. Why would a cattleman graze his flocks 50-60 miles away from home? 

  8. What might have been the father’s reason for being concerned about his sons at Shechem (See Genesis 34)? 

  9. What responsibility must Jacob bear for the brothers’ ill feelings toward Joseph?  What responsibility must Joseph himself bear? 

  10. Compare the sufferings of Joseph to those of Jesus. 

  11. What was behind the brothers’ desire to kill Joseph? 

  12. What bits of advice might you have shared with Jacob’s family that would also help the relationships in your family? 

  13. What do Reuben’s and ’s suggestions tell you about compromising with sin?  Why was their father’s grief so unsettling to the brothers? 

  14. What part did God play in this drama?


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