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Exodus 2

 Leader: Pastor Kruschel

Exodus 2 


Approximately three and a half centuries passed between the story of Joseph in the closing chapters of the book of Genesis and the account of Moses in the opening chapters of Exodus.  Exodus 1 serves as a final link between these two stories.  Here we are reminded that the number of Jacob’s descendants who migrated to at the time of Joseph was “seventy in all” (v. 5).  We are told that Jacob’s descendants, the Israelites, “were fruitful and multiplies greatly,” and in time, “the land was filled with them” (v. 7).  We are told, then, of a new king in who did not remember Joseph and his kindness to the Egyptians.  Because the Israelites continued to multiply, this new king had them enslaved, fearing that if came under attack, the Israelites would side with ’s enemies.  In spite of the enslavement, however, continued to grow.  Following an unsuccessful attempt to curb the growth of this enslaved nation, Pharaoh issued an ominous decree: “Every boy that is born you must throw into the Nile , but let every girl live” (v. 22). 


A gracious God, however, used this sinful decree and his people’s faithful response to it to bring about a great blessing for the Israelites in the person of Moses. 



  1. Why did Pharaoh target only the male babies in his decree of death? 

  2. What insight does Hebrews 11:23 give us regarding the actions of Moses’ parents? 

  3. What does this account tell us about the regard that Moses’ parents had for their children and for life? 

  4. Do we see this same regard in our world today? 

  5. What were the benefits of having ’s future leader grow up in the palace of the king of

  6. What benefits were there to having ’s future leader grow up under the care of his own mother? 

  7. In which details of this account do you see the hand of God? 
  8. Focus on these words of verse 9: “and I will pay you.”  What lesson does this teach us about God’s blessings?


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