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Exodus 3,4

 Leader: Pastor Kruschel


Exodus 3,4 


  1. What was so unusual about the sight that Moses saw? 

  2. Who is the angel of the Lord in this account?  Can you think of other appearances of the angel of the Lord in the Old Testament? 

  3. Why was Moses afraid to look at God? 
  4. The Lord often calls people into positions of responsibility long after they have stopped desiring such positions, why is that? 

  5. God did not forget the Israelites for the hundreds of years they lived in .  What comfort is that for us? 
  6. All the gods of had names.  Why does the name God gives himself surpass them all? 

  7. Sometimes Christians are asked to do work in God’s church for which they feel completely inadequate.  Why is God’s first answer to Moses the perfect answer for the feeling of inadequacy? 

  8. Where is the land to which God had promised to take them, and what would that land be like? 

  9. God says that he had been watching during its many years of cruel slavery.  How does “watching” take us further than the idea of remembering? 

  10. Outline Moses’ objections to the Lord’s commissioning.  Were Moses’ objections valid?  Do Christians today offer similar objections?  How did the Lord respond to each of Moses’ objections? 
  11. It is not enough that a pastor have the gift of eloquence.  What is an even more important gift according to the second half of 4:15? 

  12. All of us can name excuses we have had for not doing God’s work.  Has Living savior ever asked you to serve in some way that entailed speaking?  How did you respond?  Can you identify with Moses? 

  13. Jethro was a real blessing to Moses.  How is this apparent from 4:18 ?


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