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Genesis 1

 Leader: Pastor Kruschel

Genesis 1 


  1. Where in Genesis 1:1 do we learn that God created the universe out of nothing?


  1. Which four “deficiencies” characterized the universe as first created by God, deficiencies God would take care of during creation week?


  1. What does the creation account found in Genesis 1 tell us about our God?


  1. Which words or phrases in Genesis 1 help us, as Christians, deal with the false teachings of evolution?


  1. It may, at first, seem strange that the sun and moon are not named in the creation account.  What may have been God’s reason?


  1. List the various items that God created on each day:


1st Day –                                              4th Day –

2nd Day –                                             5th Day –

3rd Day –                                              6th Day –


  1. Note at least three ways in which Genesis sets forth the preeminence of humans in God’s creation.


  1. What do God’s words in Isaiah 43:6-7 tell us about the purpose for which we were created?  What do these words lead us to do?


  1. What does the final verse of Genesis 1 tell us?  Give examples of how the world of that day must have differed from our world today?



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