Pastor's Update 

Time.  Time is one of life’s most precious commodities.  We treasure our time.  We treasure the time we spend with our families and loved ones.  We treasure our weekends when our work week is finally over - and now the hours that comprise our weekend finally become ours.  At last, we have the freedom to spend our time in just the way we want.  We certainly look forward to our weekends, don’t we?
But isn’t it puzzling?  We talk about how precious our time is to us and how we just don’t want to waste it and yet we’ll spend meaningless hours of our weekly free time in order to watch our favorite sport’s team or our favorite television/cable program.  And since we don’t like wasting our time, when our time runs short on a particular day, we simply DVR those can’t miss programs, so that when we have that "extra" time, we can kick back a view what we recorded.  A time saver?  And what about the time we spend simply surfing the internet?
You would think that since we treasure our time, we would certainly like to give some of our 168 precious hours back to the one who has granted them to us—our Lord.  But sadly, sometimes, it’s difficult enough to whittle out that one hour a week for worship time with our Lord—let alone a few minutes here and there, scattered throughout the week, simply to meditate upon his Word.  I suppose we can find solace for our actions when we hone in on a recent statistic that points out that “really” strong Christians, nowadays, spends just two hours in worship each month.  That kind of soothes our conscience, doesn’t it?  It can affirm that we’re not so bad or it can pat us on the back by reflecting just how above average we really are.
As the old adage reminds us we can make statistics say whatever we want.  So it is with this.  The real source of direction shouldn’t come from some survey, let alone from the wiles of this world.  Rather, at times like this, it really behooves us to return to the very one who gave us this time—our Lord.  What does he say?  “But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well” (Matthew 6:33).
How many of our 168 hours each week do we return in service to our Lord?  One?  Two?  Five?  Imagine the peace and contentment we really would experience and appreciate if we simply gave some of our Lord’s gift of time back to him and to his work.
To be honest, I don’t think we’ll miss it!