Pastor's Update 

It’s always amazing where we will find lessons for our lives.  So often we think such snippets of welcome information will be bound between the covers of some self-help book.  But that’s rarely the case—despite the row upon row of shelving dedicated to such printed materials in our bookstores.  Barely finishing one, we can easily find ourselves consuming another in hope of finally finding life’s answers.
But I recall a life lesson that will always be etched into my memory.  It’s of my Grandfather Seefeldt.  My grandfather, from my mother’s side, wasn’t an educated man.  If memory serves me right, my mother shared with us children that he never graduated from grammar school.  Instead, he was off to the forests of Northern Wisconsin to earn an income as a lumberjack.
I barely knew my grandfather.  He only lived for a few years after I was born.  But I do recall one visit rather vividly.  My mother and I had climbed aboard the Hiawatha train that would whisk us from Milwaukee up to Marinette, Wisconsin, to visit my grandparents.
By this time, my grandparents were in their 80’s and believe me, as a little boy, they were ancient.  Despite his age, my grandfather would rise each day before the breaking of the sun, to head off to work.  But before he would walk down the road to the pulp mill, he would take the time to do one thing each day—spend several minutes reading his Bible.
I recall that so vividly, because one morning, I woke up early too.  There on the back porch was my unshaven grandfather reading his Bible.  A small lamp barely lit the soiled pages of his time worn Bible.  Up on his lap I climbed as he warmly greeted me with a grin.  Quietly I sat there as he read silently to himself.
Paul told the Ephesians, as he told my grandfather and now tells us as well, “Make the most of every opportunity, because the days are evil. (Ephesians 5:16)
As my Grandfather Seefeldt taught me early on, one of the best things I could do with my time was to spend some of it alone with my Lord each day.  I hope that will be a blessing to you as well.

Just a little nugget I wanted to share with you.